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Monthly Roundup – April 2017

Comic Relief Fundraiser

What a fabulous fundraising day at R.E.A.L Independent School in aid of Comic Relief. Car washing, red nose sales, a sweepstake for staff, a snooker tournament, cake decorating, tile painting and a massive game of football all made for great social activities and together we raised over £130 for Comic Relief and Macmillan Cancer Research.
A huge well done to all learners and staff involved.

Lea Green Residential experience

Our third annual residential event took place at Lea Green between 29th and 31st March.  Two separate groups of learners were chosen to attend the residential.  The KS2/3 group took part in a stream walk, group games and team building activities.  Favourite moments for staff included the games of Twister played on Wednesday evening and the cereal box challenge!  Special mentions should be made for Kyle, who attended the KS2/3 event as a peer role model and did a brilliant job.
The KS4 group took part in a stream walk, bouldering and assault course.  All learners chosen have been working hard towards their GCSEs this year and were involved in the residential to help boost their self-esteem just before they start their exams.  Favourite moments for staff included Connor in his Pikachu Onesie and the great sense of humour from all learners who attended.

R.E.A.L. Independent School Celebration Event

The Key stage 2 and 3 celebration event was held on Tuesday 28th March to celebrate the achievements of our younger learners during the Spring term.  

Certificates were presented to learners for their excellent attendance, progress in different subject areas, helping others and being a good group member.  Head teacher awards were also presented to 3 learners who showed excellent progress in all subject areas, showed outstanding progress in computing and made a great start to their time with R.E.A.L. Independent School.

The event was attended by 14 learners and their parents and carers, who watched a video, received their certificates from a school governor and then had some refreshments.  Other learners have received their certificates in a more private forum.

The Summer term celebration event will be held around the  21st of July and will include the end of year barbecue.  We hope to present even more certificates to an increased number of learners at this event.

Postcards of Praise English Winners

The winners of the Spring term English Postcards of Praise competition have been announced! Our R.E.A.L. staff always endeavour to bring the best out of our learners by developing the personal, social and academic skills of young people to better equip them in life.

With twenty eight nominations last term, the postcards act as a way for tutors to nominate students who they feel have made outstanding personal progress in different areas of English.

Healthy teeth and diet experiment

We showed students just how important it is to make healthy choices in Science sessions. Egg shells are chemically similar to teeth so we set about trying to find out what happens when you add egg shells to different drinks? We found out that Coke and Sprite damage the egg shell slightly but orange juice eats through it with ease! Oh and stay away from black coffee unless you want a brown smile!
Our hands-on approach to educating young people in the ways to stay healthy is combined with curriculum areas to ensure we join up learning for students.

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