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R.E.A.L. Progress

A member of R.E.A.L. staff who joined the team as an apprentice has recently completed her Level 3 qualification in teaching.

Melissa Reyes-Woodward started at R.E.A.L. Education in 2015 as an employed apprentice, embarking on her chosen career in education.

After a successful apprenticeship, Melissa secured a contract with R.E.A.L. in September 2016 as a Support Assistant, and continued her studies to eventually qualify as the Teaching Assistant she is today.

Nichola Goddard, Learning Manager at R.E.A.L. Education (and Melissa’s line manager) said: “Another R.E.A.L. success story – very well done Melissa!

“Melissa has proven herself to be a valuable member of the R.E.A.L. team and is much liked by both learners and colleagues. She has worked hard to get to this level – with late nights to meet study deadlines and having to attend sessions in her own time during the holidays. Her dedication to her role, study, and progression is highly commended and we all feel very proud of her.

“I look forward to seeing your next pathway plan for progression as I know your journey does not end here.”

Kay Carter, R.E.A.L. Education, said: “I know how hard Melissa has worked over the years, and I am proud R.E.A.L. have given her the opportunity to progress. We are working hard to extend these opportunities to all staff.”

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