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R.E.A.L. Ecobricks!

Duncan Allen, STEM (Science, Engineering Technology and Maths) Coordinator at R.E.A.L. Education has launched a competition that is easy to join in with, saves the planet, can help build homes in developing nations and has some great prizes up for grabs!

The competition is all about creating the heaviest Ecobrick. Ecobricks are empty, used plastic bottles, crammed full with non-biodegradable waste. All clean, dry wrappers and plastic packets that can’t go into a recycling bin can go into the bottle.

Two litre Ecobricks will be collected by Duncan ( until the end of the summer term. The competition is open to everyone, with a prize given to the heaviest two litre Ecobrick entered by a learner, a member of staff and anyone who brings an Ecobrick into a R.E.A.L. Education base.

Duncan Allen, STEM Coordinator said: “Start your Ecobrick at home or at work! Keep it by the sink or wherever you need to bin non-biodegradable wrappers. You can use most plastic and foil packaging that can’t be put in your recycling wheelie bin.

“The Ecobricks we collect could be used to build something cool at R.E.A.L. Education. Any unused bricks will be donated to an Ecobrick collection point where they will be distributed to developing nations for home building.

“Good luck and get cramming.”

For more information about Ecobricks and how to create yours, visit

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