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R.E.A.L. learners are told “You’re hired!”

Two R.E.A.L learners have successfully secured themselves apprenticeships.

Reef Jackson and JJ Smart are the two outstanding learners who will take on new positions.

JJ will stay with R.E.A.L as an internal Junior Content Producer and Reef will be producing and managing social media and marketing through an undergraduate apprenticeship with holiday resort company Lodgequest.

Lodgequest own several high-value lakeside cabins in the UK and offered the employed position after being impressed by the quality of the content taking place at the R.E.A.L. Creative department. Michelle Bircumshaw, Office Manager at Lodgequest said: “If you’re thinking of taking an apprentice, you need look no further than R.E.A.L. Education. The quality of their students and excellent knowledge, ability and skill levels are astounding.”

Neil Kellow, Provision Manager at R.E.A.L Creative Digital, said: “This marks another resounding success. They deserve their ongoing achievements in gaining direct employment opportunities.”

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