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Let’s keep Britain tidy!

Two big bags of rubbish were collected in just half an hour by R.E.A.L. learners at Ilkeston Hub, The Gallows.

Learner CB, asked Teacher Jo Brown if they could go litter picking locally, as he’d noticed a lot of rubbish accumulating in a wooded area local to The Gallows. Jo said: “This all started after World Oceans Day, June 8th. We looked into the impact plastic waste has on the oceans and what we could do to stop this happening.”

Along the way they found empty drink cans, crisp packets and cigarette ends. Jo said: “There was breakfast rubbish, egg shells, empty bacon packets, milk cartons. The list goes on and on.”

Jo discussed with the learners the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and asked them to think about how to encourage people to take their rubbish home.

Jo said: “We’ll absolutely do this again, they really enjoy the activity and leave behind a clear space once they have finished collecting.”

It’s important to note that this activity was carried out under careful supervision and staff had checked that the area and litter would not cause harm to learners prior to the activity.

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