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Blidworth learners in MasterChef competition

Succulent steak, sunset quesadillas and tangy chicken drumsticks were just some of the delicious meals cooked by R.E.A.L. learners as they took part in a MasterChef competition.

Before the summer holidays, learners had spent the final term researching and planning what meal they wanted to make in preparation for putting on their aprons for the big day. 

Tutor Joanne McGonigle said: “I’m so unbelievably proud of our learners, I want to say a massive well done to them.”

The learners were judged on the taste, texture, appearance, smell and skill set used for their dish and won a certificate and award for their efforts.

Joanne added: “It was Stacey Edward’s fabulous idea to include this in the KS2/KS3 curriculum. A big thank you to her and all the judges and tutors involved who ensured the day ran smoothly and helped the learners achieve the outcomes they did.”

The full menu and awards can be found below, but be warned, you’re likely to feel very hungry afterwards!

Scott – Succulent steak served with homemade fries and sundried tomatoes. He won the All Rounder Winners Award and Skill Set Award.

Ebony – Sunset quesadillas served with corn salad. She won the Texture Award and Smell Award.

Blaine – Best ever burger served with halloumi fries. He won the Appearance and the Taste Award.

Lincoln – Chicken chow mein served with prawn crackers. He won the Appearance and All Rounder Winners Award.

London – Tangy tikka drumsticks served with wedges and garlic mayo. He won the Taste and Smell Award

James – Chicken and mushroom stir fry with spring rolls. He won the Texture and Appearance Award.

Brooklyn – Hotdogs three ways, hotdog, sausage roll and sausage pasta bake. He won the All Rounder Winners Award and the Smell Award.

Which meal would you choose? 

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