Learning Hub Model

Our school sites are learning hubs linked to local community venues that provide opportunities for a dynamic approach to re-engagement.

Typically, a number of factors that have left it difficult for local authorities to place our students in an educational setting.

Our experience has shown that this group of students and their families need facilities and services close to their communities. We also know that these students thrive in small, tightly structured, compact, personalised teaching environments that provide a stimulating, welcoming space in which they can learn, achieve and rebuild their social and communication skills.

Our school sites are developed for this purpose. Each accommodates no more than 10-15 students on the designated site at any one time. Within our schools there are facilities for 1:1 support and paired working, as well as small group and larger group working.

This model in which each school site is linked to suitable venues within local communities allows us to meet individual needs by responding to student’s interests and strengths.

R.E.A.L. Independent School