R.E.A.L. Independent Schools offer full-time school placements for youngsters with complex additional needs.

We aim to provide a service that meets the needs of children and young people who are particularly hard to place, and for whom traditional avenues of engagement have been exhausted. Our school placements are part of the range of services offered by R.E.A.L. Education Ltd., who have delivered bespoke alternative education packages to local authorities and schools since 2008.

Our school placements provide local authority decision makers with an alternative to costly out of county placements that can leave young people disconnected from their local communities. Our staff team comprises a mix of experienced teachers, teaching assistants and support staff from diverse backgrounds who possess the aptitude to engage youngsters. Our aim is to start from where the child currently is in their learning and embark on a bespoke learning journey. Our pedagogy is built on many years of experiences within special and mainstream schools, special educational needs services, and local authority Education Otherwise than at School (EOTAS) provision.

R.E.A.L. Independent School