Ensuring access

In all aspects of the curriculum our staff seek to maintain the conditions most likely to facilitate learning for our students through:

  • Provision of appropriate information and communication technology.
  • A total communication environment that features signs, symbols and sensory systems.
  • Implementation of strategies to alleviate sensory differences.
  • Consistent and sensitive application of positive behaviour strategies.
  • A commitment to multiagency collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • The incorporation of appropriate learning environments (e.g. TEACCH).
  • Appropriate use of positioning and mobility aids.

Assessment for learning

Each learner will have a period of induction in their first half term in which their learning profile will be identified. This will be the foundation from which their progress will be tracked. It will also inform individual reviewing and planning processes (Personal Support Plan).

The following sources of information will be used to support this:

  • Personal development and wellbeing profile.
  • Literacy and numeracy levels.
  • Learning styles.
  • Social and communication skills (profiling appropriate learning setting: 1:1/paired/group).
  • A review of previous rates of progress and how these were established.
  • Attendance profile.
  • National curriculum levels (p scales) as appropriate.
  • GCSE/Accreditation profile
R.E.A.L. Independent School