Careers Programme at R.E.A.L.

Find our careers programme 2021-2024 here

The careers programme will enable learners to:
● develop an understanding of their own skills, values and aspirations
● navigate pupils through the diverse career opportunities available to them
● develop their communication, team working, commercial awareness and other employability/work related learning skills

The outcome of the careers programme will be that learners are:
● Driven and self-directed
● Self- assured and informed
● Self- aware and resilient
● Enterprising and entrepreneurial
● Proud of themselves

Learners in Years 7-13 have access to the following:
● A range of external providers who talk through the opportunities they offer including information on technical opportunities, Apprenticeships, opportunities in Further and Higher Education by accessing educational visits, taster events, options day and group discussions.
● To meet with and engage with employers from the local area through our links with the business community including mock interviews, career workshops on CV writing, guess my role workshops,
● The Job Explorer Database which enables learners to access information on a range of jobs, including access to video case studies, pictures, quizzes, career facts and different career pathways. Information is presented in a clear and lively way that learners from all abilities can understand and get on with exploring careers and thinking about what will and won’t suit them.
● The support to make applications to apply for employment opportunities when they arise and also access to a full range of academic and technical programmes.
● Work experience and mock interview days in Year 10 upwards.
● The opportunity to participate in a range of enterprise projects such as Mansfield Junior Enterprise Award, Five Pounds Grow Project.
● Comprehensive curriculum including a choice of vocational options at Key Stage 4, a comprehensive PSHE programme and employability pathway delivered through Asdan, Aim Awards or the BTEC Workskills programme.
● STEM opportunities.
● Options Choice meeting in Year 9.
● Careers Guidance Interviews in Year 10 and upwards (earlier if appropriate)
● Programme of activities planned through Careers Week every year in March
● Taster Days.
● Work Experience in Year 10 and upwards.
● An Individual Curriculum Intent Form which is personalised to each learner and tracks their overall progress each term, including the development of employability skills.

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