Curriculum Reviews

A formal curriculum review will take place annually.

Key questions will include:

  •  Are individual students’ needs being met?
  • Can we see broad areas of personal development linked to the wider needs of the young people we work with?
  • Does planning ensure continuity for individual pupils over time and across the curriculum?
  • Do resources and approaches facilitate the differentiation needed for all learners?
  • Is there measurable progress across the key stages? Is the teaching and learning accelerating progress in comparison with individual’s previous records?
  • How effectively do curriculum areas relate to each other?
  • Is the approach to individually tailored learning giving coverage across all curriculum areas?
  • Are there adequate opportunities for practical work and problem solving?
  • Are young people engaging in community opportunities and links both locally and wider afield?

This review and development of the R.E.A.L. approach to the curriculum will be part of the process of evaluating impact of the work undertaken with learners on behalf of those commissioning the work.

R.E.A.L. Independent School