REAL Literacy

Many of our students have significantly underdeveloped literacy skills as well as low levels of engagement with literacy in their day-to-day life. To approach this crucial area of learning we use an authentic literacy approach.

One key element to this approach is that we are led by students’ interests to encourage habits of literacy. We aim to build on the competencies of the student and their family.

Another key factor in our approach is careful assessment. To support this we have designed the ‘R.E.A.L. literacy ladder’ which allows us to have a clear picture of students’ literacy development and engagement. We observe and record students’ reading and writing skills and, importantly, engagement with literacy in day-to-day life.

Following an assessment of needs and engagement our aim is to deliver the right evidence-based interventions to support students’ progress.

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We also use the LUCID screening tools to provide standardised assessment of phonological processing, working memory, decoding skills, other forms of memory and visual distress. LUCID is a screening system that provides a wealth of useful information. It will identify most instances of dyslexia with a good degree of accuracy. For some students that will provide all the information needed to instigate appropriate action.

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