Paper copies of our school policies can be provided on request. A hard copy of all relevant policies is also available for parents to read on request in the School office in Blidworth and also at the R.E.A.L. Education head office at Kings Mill House. We will make all reasonable adjustments to information to ensure it is an an accessible format for a specific individuals needs.

See below for a list of policy documents we have available to download –

  Attendance Policy

  Accessibility Policy Hinckley

  Accessibility Policy Nanpantan

  Accessibility Policy Blidworth

  Accessibility Policy Concorde

  Accessibility Policy Mansfield

  Accessibility Policy Ilkeston

  Policy for Assessment and Pupil Tracking

  Policy for the Management of Behaviour

  Careers Guidance Policy

 Charging and Remissions policy

  Policy for the Management of Concerns, Complaints and Appeals

  Curriculum Policy

   Privacy Notice

  English as an Additional Language policy

  Equal Opportunity and Diversity policy

  Online Safety Policy

  PSHE and Citizenship policy

  Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

  Prevent policy

  Safeguarding Policy Sept 2022

  Safeguarding Addendum – Covid 19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Arrangements

  Recruitment Policy

 SEND Policy

SEND Report 2022

 Wellbeing policy

  RSE Policy

  Transitions Policy

  Preventing and Tackling Bullying Policy

  Administering Medication Policy

  Searching, Screening and Confiscation Policy

  Referrals and Admissions Policy

  British Values Statement

R.E.A.L. Independent School