A key goal of our work is to improve our students well being.  We aim to build students’ confidence and developing their ability to express their emotions effectively.

Feeling good about who you are and having a positive self identity are key aspects of our wellbeing. They are important if we are to bounce back when encountering difficulties in life. Also essential are relationships where we feel comfortable, happy and able to trust. These relationships are the foundation of being able to learn and develop.

Our aim therefore is to offer relationships that encourage our students’ ability to reflect on how choices and behaviours create both opportunities and limitations in our lives. We strive to  support our students to see the potential for positive change and to achieve this in small steps that can help them achieve their potential. To do this we adopt a strengths-based approach as this enables us to interact with our students in ways that are respectful and positive.

We hold a hopeful view of children and young people and are committed to engaging them by starting from where they are right now. Our aim is not to judge, or to diagnose, or to label. Our aim is to get alongside our students and help them to work out positive ways forward in their lives.

R.E.A.L. Independent School